Evolutrek is a Boutique Firm offering Executive Coaching and Applied Neuroscience in Leadership, Management and Governance.

We support managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, pioneers, ambitious and conscious individuals, investors, senior executives, as well as chairs of boards and committees – and sometimes, other coaches wanting to integrate neuroscience into their practice – for progress and success.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Evolutrek offers services on a global scale, thanks to a team of experts with extensive experience.


Capture and amplify what emerges

– 1 –

Strategic facilitation


to imagine and create an extraordinary future

Shaping the Future

Perspectives, scenarios

Collective intelligence

Anticipate and seize opportunities

Manage risks

Take advantage of innovations

Converging towards success


– 2 –

Executive Coaching


To align, progress and adapt

Mindset Shift

Transformations | Neuroplasticity

Supportive habits

To be, to become, to have, to do

Experiment with elegance

Practice, accelerate progress

Foster a culture of learning,
a growth mindset

“Growth Mindset”


– 3 –



 to generate truly novel ideas

latent, brilliant, unprecedented, fabulous.

Spark change


Open to changes

Connecter prévoyance
(regard vers l’avenir),
Prospective et perspicacité
(regard large et profond),
Recul et intuition

Générer de l’énergie et de l’enthousiasme

Susciter l’engagement


Take on ambitious challenges

Premeditated success for leaders

Serving impactful leaders or those with a pioneering spirit as well as innovative organizations.


Leverage advances in cognitive science and technological progress for a humane, healthy and prosperous business world.


Enthusiasm for your success and progress is a source of renewable energy!

Our approach is certainly tailor-made and effective for observable, palpable and quantifiable results.

In short, the experience and expertise of major Big Four firms, accessible through an agile, exclusive and highly personalized approach.

The alternative and… The difference that makes the difference!

The choice is yours!

We value your trust


Thank you! We appreciate your business